Mast construction at WENDEL & RADOS

Our mast construction workshop with direct access to the pier and to the mast crane offers you a complete rigging service. We rig about 800 ships up and down per year. This concerns both the customers of the marina and the first deliveries of Hanse Yacht AG. The rigging in autumn also includes a free rig check so that any repairs can be carried out immediately and unnecessary stress in spring is avoided.

To our scope of services belong:

  • Pressing of stainless steel wires up to ø 8 mm
  • Rolling of stainless steel wires up to ø 22 mm
  • and delivery of drop shackles
  • splicing work of all kinds
  • Mast transports up to 18 m
  • rigging up and down, mast erection, mast laying (with mast crane directly in front of the workshop)
  • Production, delivery and assembly of large trees
  • Production, delivery and assembly of spinnaker trees
  • Production, delivery and assembly of gennaker trees
  • Individual production of special mast fittings
  • Design of deck layouts and detail solutions
  • Production of railings as well as standing and running goods
  • Production of bracings of all kinds, e.g. for stair railings, multi-storey car parks, green areas…
  • all our work is made of rustproof material

and the sale, repair and assembly of:

  • new and used masts (we can offer used masts after detailed examination)
  • large trees
  • roller reefing systems
  • spinnacker trees
  • foosball
  • rigging components

Your contact persons for mast construction are Sven Oldenburg and Dietmar Wendel.


For 25 years Furlex has been a byword for perfect and under all circumstances safe furling and reefing of headsails. Furlex has the patented special bearings with load distributor and consists of innovative materials that save weight in the rig. Furlex is available for open keel boats and for yachts up to 40t weight. With manual, electric and hydraulic drive. The delivery is always complete with forestay, pulling line, guiding blocks, shackles and halyard brackets.

Furlex 50S

The Furlex 50S is a roller reefing system with parallel rotation. It is suitable for open keel and cabin boats up to approx. 26´ / 8 m. Of course, the Furlex 50S also has the proven, patented Furlex bearings made of stainless steel with load distributor. The aluminium profile is centred and insulated by a plastic inner profile. Complete with forestay wire, pull line, a guiding block, sail shackles, toggle and halyard eyes. For forestay diameters 4 and 5 mm.

Furlex 100S

For boats up to a weight of 4t and forestays from 4 to 6 mm diameter. With all the functions and features of the large systems, i.e. it is also a fully-fledged reefing system with the flat reefing function due to the delayed take-up of the sail neck. The drum can be dismantled for regattas. Supplied complete with forestay wire, pull line, snap shackles, four guide blocks, toggle, pre-threader and halyard eyes.

Furlex 200S, 300S, 400S und 500S

The world’s best-selling roller reefing systems, because price and performance are unsurpassed. The same in design and function. For forestays from 6 to 16 mm. Supplied as a kit, with integrated forestay tensioner on request. Due to the perfect instruction the assembly is also possible for laymen. Supplied complete with forestay wire, pull line, snap shackles, four guide blocks, halyard guide eyes and pre-threader. Drum can be dismantled for regattas. Electric motors are available for Furlex 200S, 300S and 400S.

Furlex 200TD, 300TD und 400TD

The “below deck” version (Through Deck) for forestays from 6 to 14 mm. The main components and functions are the same as on deck models. The lower bearing part with the drum is installed below deck and remains on the boat during winter storage. The forestay with the profiles can easily be mounted or dismounted. This is the most elegant solution for a furling system. The TD can also be supplied with electric motors.

Furlex is delivered complete in a kit. All parts required for assembly and operation are included: A new forestay made of high-quality steel, 1 x 19, profiles and connectors, inner profiles for centering and insulating the profiles on the forestay, lower bearing part with drum and line guide, pre-threader, halyard, pull line, four guide blocks for mounting on railing supports, two snap shackles for attaching the sail, thread adhesive for securing the StaLok terminal, grease for maintenance and a Torx tool for assembly.

The very detailed installation, use, maintenance and dismantling instructions enable every sailor to install his own Furlex.


The assembly of the system to the desired length is included in Greifswald.


Large trees

Complete SELDÉN large trees with different reefing systems

Depending on requirements, a single-line reefing system can be selected for operation from the cockpit or a conventional reefing system (with reef hook for the luff) for operation on the mast.


Please give us the ship’s weight, the leech length and the starting point of the sheet, measured from the Nock. We will immediately offer you the correctly dimensioned boom.




Gas springs for Rodkicker


Racing Carbon Spinnaker Tree Kits


Carbon Spinnaker Trees, Kit


Kevlar protection tubes for carbon spinnaker trees

Protective tubes for individual attachment (gluing) to the carbon profiles protect the valuable carbon surface of the spinnaker tree. Especially regatta sailors should protect the valuable tree against damage.

Protection tube/Kevlar


Aluminium spinnaker trees

Spinnaker trees with light end fittings type A in the material combination glass fibre reinforced plastic and stainless steel. Protective strips and brackets fully assembled.


Spinnaker trees for larger yachts, with aluminium profile, ready mounted

Spinnaker trees with Seldén type B aluminium end fittings (funnel & outside fittings/trigger), protective strips, built-in pulling rope to open the outside fitting, return rubber rope for Toppnant, fitting for Toppnant.


Graphic: Trigger end fitting and funnel fitting type B
For the production of your individual spinnaker tree, please give us the desired length in mm = dimension POA, i.e. length spinnaker tree (end – end), in written form.


Telescopic aluminium trees

Suitable for use as a spinnaker boom and extension for the genoa. Adjustable in three lengths with solid locking knobs. Please note the information on the maximum weight of the yacht.