Special offers – Painting and Sealing

Special offers for paints, protective systems and sealing can be found here. Wood decks are better protected against algae, moss and mould with BORACOL, Micron Extra is a particularly powerful, eroding antifouling and S40Nautichem is a reliable all-rounder for gluing and sealing. Our team at the yacht supplier will be happy to answer your questions about painting and sealing.

Boracol 10Y

Prevention and control of algae, moss and mould infestation in outdoor areas on damp-exposed components, such as boat decks and masonry proven. Active ingredients: boron salts (disodium octaborate tetrahydrate) 10%, quaternary ammonium compounds 2% glycols as diffusion aid, water as solvent.

Pice Size Color Price
1 5 Litre transparent 75.00 €

Nautichem MS-Adhesive and sealant S40 (310 ml)
  • is a tough-elastic, particularly adhesive adhesive and sealant based on high-quality MS polymers.
  • shows – without additional adhesion promoter – very good adhesion on almost all surfaces, e.g. on glass, on many paints and primers, on various plastics and metals as well as on wood-based materials and mineral substrates
  • has good resistance to weathering, humidity and temperatures from – 40 °C to + 90 °C (for short periods also up to + 200 °C)
  • can be painted over with most paint systems.
  • is fungus-resistant to protect against mould infestation.
  • is free of organic solvents, isocyanates and halogens and is not subject to labelling.

Pice Size Color Price
1 310 ml white
16.90 €