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Each yacht has its own individual equipment. Every year WENDEL & RADOS equips hundreds of yachts for the individual requirements of customers in over 50 countries and their cruising areas. With the experience gained here, we have acquired extensive knowledge in the special equipment of yachts. Let our equipment experts advise you!


Lattoflex – bed system

Ergonomics at the highest technical level as well as incomparable comfort functions distinguish the products.

Size: single berth: 98 x 200 cm
Color: grey
Price: 198.00 €


Lattoflex – Bed system

Exclusive to Wendel & Rados: The Lattoflex bed system

50 years of experience in the development and production of bed systems as well as the traditional commitment to sleep research have made Lattoflex the specialist in this field. Ergonomics at the highest technical level as well as incomparable comfort functions distinguish the products.

This distinguishes Lattoflex from any slatted frame:

  • Precise support for every part of the body
  • Flexibly follows any change in sleeping position
  • Smallest contact area for the mattress
  • This improves ventilation and prevents mildew stains

The Lattoflex system is incredibly comfortable and unique in this way. The bed system fulfils the four important criteria for a restful sleep and the correct positioning of the spine:

Improved blood circulation through gentle body stimulation

  • improved blood circulation
  • Loosening of the entire musculoskeletal system
  • pleasant body awareness

Suspension behavior:

The Lattoflex bed system reacts sensitively to the natural movements of the body during sleep and gently returns this kinetic energy to the body.
– in contrast to other slat bases, such as wooden slatted frames or gel and water beds, which literally “swallow” the kinetic energy.

Triple suspension comfort for a good night’s sleep

  • Highly sensitive wing elements offer unbelievably pleasant suspension comfort
  • Stable and robust comfort suspension, effective to the edge
  • Innovative suspension elements for exceptional suspension comfort in every zone

Compared to conventional slatted frames, the Lattoflex bed system has three different suspension levels, which can even be individually adjusted according to your wishes or body weight.

Ideal pressure relief prevents tensions

  • extremely high point elasticity
  • particularly pleasant lying sensation

The patented wing elements are flexible in all directions and can therefore adapt ideally to the body contour. In combination with an Evo mattress, the pressure is distributed and unpleasant point loads are avoided.

Individually adaptable and adjustable bed system

The Lattoflex bed system adapts comfortably to the body shape at all times in the important zones: e.g. in the back area through the Lattoflex spring travel limiters and in the shoulder area through the special construction of the slat base and mattress.


Cobb Premier with bag

The Cobb-Grill consists of a small central heat source in the middle and a thick insulated shell.

Price: 139.00 €


Cobb Premier with bag

Properties of the Cobb Grills

The Cobb-Grill consists of a small central heat source in the middle and a thick insulated shell. This is why it can be carried and moved while 280-300°C prevails inside the grill. Great attention has been paid to detail and design. It weighs only 3.5 kilos and is therefore easy to transport in the carrying bag.
The parts are made of stainless steel.
The Cobb-Grill was developed in such a way that the warmth is optimally used and needs therefore only 6-7 briquettes, in order to reach a temperature, which is sufficient, in order to prepare 2 hours meal.

Cobb facts

Lid and the grill plate damage
The stainless steel reflects the heat inside and has the advantage that it is dishwasher safe.
It is very important to remove the lid after grilling. The heat development is so great that the lid or grill can be damaged if it stays on.

Grill plate
The steel plate is Teflon-coated and can be used for grilling, roasting, baking and smoking.
The excess fat and oil flows from the grease grooves into the gutter, minimising smoke and flame formation.

Combustion basket and pot stand
The stainless steel firing basket holds the grill briquettes in the firing chamber and at the same time serves for putting on a pot.

It is made of stainless steel and can be removed from the rack and is dishwasher safe.

Combustion chamber
Keeps the fire in the basket. The lighter is placed in the combustion chamber to light the grill briquettes in the basket.

You can put water, beer or wine in the gutter for steaming or grilling. This gives the food a better taste and the meat becomes juicier. Max. 1/4l liquid. You can also prepare vegetables and bake potatoes.

It is made of stainless steel.
It is designed to keep the heat inside and the cold outside. The Cobb grill is always cold outside, so you can put it on any surface.
The rubber feet under the frame make the grill stable.

Advantages of the Cobb Grill

  • The Cobb Grill stays cold outside while you grill – so you can stand anywhere without danger.
  • The Cobb Grill – grills without flames or smoke as fat and liquid are drained off.
  • The Cobb Grill only needs 6-7 briquettes to prepare food.
  • The Cobb Grill is ideal for boat trips and camping.
  • The Cobb Grill can be used on the balcony, because it always grills without smoke.
  • The Cobb Grill can be placed on the table where anyone can grill themselves.
  • The Cobb Grill is very economical.
  • The Cobb Grill is made of stainless steel.
  • The Cobb Grill is mobile, even during grilling.
  • The Cobb Grill can be used as an oven.
  • The Cobb Grill is easy and quick to light.
  • The Cobb Grill is dishwasher safe (stainless steel parts only).
  • The Cobb Grill can also be used as a fireplace for a pot.
  • The Cobb Grill is easy to store.
  • The Cobb Grill is ready for use after about 25 minutes – or you grill with the Cobble Stone, and you are ready to grill within 2 minutes.

Team clothing

Of course we can give you and your crew ship names,
Sailing numbers, class signs, yacht club, sponsors,
company logos, in short, everything that leads to a perfect corporate identity.
Embroider your new Henri-Lloyd Crew Wear!
Please contact us, we are looking forward to your request!


Steamer light (Topplight)

Size: 25W/12V

Color: black or white

Price: 28.00 €


Steamer light (Topplight)

Hella Marine Steam Light (Topplight)

unpacked, complete including illuminant 25W / 12 V

– with BSH approval –

available in the colours black or white